Sunday, March 4, 2012

Healers' Magazine

Actually, it's the Psychotherapy Networker. here is the web site I just read the current issue and got two CE credits by taking a test on it.  You can read it on line, and if you can stand the sound that they use to make you think you are actually turning pages (it didn't fool me) it gets you the information pretty efficiently.  It is also useful to be able to go to other web sites while you are reading it.  Here are a dozen healers who figure in the issue and an idea from each:
Terry Real - we should help men more with their depression and other issues
David Flohr - groups in which parents support each other are useful
Jonathan Baylin - parents' neuro-biological reactions influence how they parent
Stephen Porges - the polyvagal theory is important (he proposed it)
George Engel - psychosomatic reactions are important (he was early in the study of this)
Dan Hughes - attachment and trauma need to be taken into account in helping children
Michael Ungar - resilience is an important  idea in helping children
Etienne Wenger-Trayner - people learn best from each other while working on what they do
Ron Taffel - you can improve your relationships in your family
Jeffrey Kluger - a journalist actually, but wrote a book about the importance of siblings
Claire Berman - when a sibling dies, it is very important for us
Andrew Weil - the medical model may be hurting us
Google any of these people and you can access more of what they have to say about being a helper.