Saturday, February 11, 2012

Healers' Schools

I think that to try to make some progress in writing the Healers and Feelings book that I'm writing, I'll map out the chapters.  Each chapter will have some information about a person in one of the mental health healing fields and a condition that is in DSM-IV, or thereabouts.  I'll send them out from the Thinkers and Thinking Facebook page, and they will go to Twitter, also.  William James will be first (depression is the condition) along with the University of Geneva.  Apparently he attended a school briefly, which was related to that institution.  His first person account of his depression related experiences, and also his father's account of his "vastation" and his sister's account of her mood problems, in her diary, are all amazing accounts of psychological experiences.  If there are combinations of therapist types and treated conditions that you think would be good for me to investigate, leave a comment please.