Saturday, July 30, 2011


In Healers and Feelings, the book, each chapter will highlight a certain condition or diagnosis.  I'll use those in DSM-IV, those that may be in DSM-V and those that were in the first DSM or even current before that time.  It is interesting to learn about the labels which have been used at different times and in different places.  DSM-V is in development.  The link to the page describing this is at this location.  There are strong feelings on the part of many people about the proposed changes, such as taking out the diagnosis for Asperger's Disorder.  The response of the British Psychological Society to the proposed changes can be found here.  Each diagnosis I include will be paired with a psychologist that I will profile, much in the style of my first book, Thinkers and Thinking.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birth of a Blog

I'll put information on this blog about Healers (psychologists and other such people) and what they have to say about our emotions and helping people with their issues and problems.  The Healers and Feelings book is coming along.  So far, I have chapters about Carl Jung and William James.  I'm working on Gestalt Psychology for the Introduction.  My next chapter will be about Jonathan Kellerman.