Saturday, August 11, 2012

Healing Depression

Incredible as it may seem, I'll share another book that I picked up at the dump Swap Shop.  There was a copy of The Noonday Demon there, and I picked it up.  Rather than reading it, I'm listening on Audible (almost 24 hrs. worth!).   So far, it is a strong combination of literature and science.  The subject of the book is depression.  The first sentence in Chapter I is, "Depression is the flaw in love."  The author is writing a book now (Far From the Tree...) about when children are different from their parents and from other people.  There is a Newsweek article about his nontraditional family.  He is in a program now, according to his Wikipedia page, to learn to be a healer, " working on attachment theory under the supervision of Prof. Juliet Mitchell."  I get the impression that both this book and the upcoming one can be very useful and supportive for people.